Our Legal and Licensing department is an independent body operating on it's own.
The department processes all needed licenses, certifications needed as a business entity here in the UAE.
Contact our legal licensing department on


You are to obtain a Certificate of Incorporation and Commercial Licenses to authorize your company to commence full financial dealings here in UAE.
The Commercial License will prove your company has a strong identity within the GCC region where by making you eligible to partner with us and Obtain UAE Funding successfully, and the Certificate of Incorporation ensures your company has been authorized by the UAE financial authority to receive funds from UAE without a hitch or violating any UAE internal financial policy and of course the Partner List license is to authenticate your investment position with a UAE Company as to receive your loan fund.


Our aim is to ensure that our borrowers secure their legal requirements by the Central Bank of UAE, so as to enable authorization and legalization for funding letter approved to be obtained, as it is required by our disbursing bank, before funding disbursement will be carried out successfully.
All transactions regarding the legal and licensing are to be handled by the legal licensing department as authorized and with the Invoice issued by the RAS AL HAMAL endorsing to receive the fee remitted by the borrowers for the legal licenses to be issued. Which takes only five(5) working days from the date of the confirmed remitted fee.


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